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Review of RYCTT project: Netherlands

RYCTT project: Netherlands

2-day training course

  • “I experienced how to use a new and very effectiveway of using reminiscence in my work” Trainee

    A 2-day RYCTT training course was delivered by Annemarie Bolder, who is widely experienced in dementia care. Annemarie represents the Netherlands in the European Reminiscence Network and is involved by developing the European approach “Remembering Yesterday, Caring Today”.

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The training was given under the name “De kracht van herinneringen”. It was facilitated by ZGAO and Ergoworld. More information can be found at: and  

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    A wide range of professionals attended the training: for example, health care staff, activity co-ordinators, community arts workers, occupational and arts therapists, employees of family resource centres and reminiscence practitioners who are interested in experiencing positive approaches to dementia care

After participating in the course:

  • After the training In the Netherlands, four different places are now running RYCT groups.


  • Reminiscence groupThe Apprenticeship project took place in the day centre and community centre, and we enlisted 3 apprentices: a psychologist, a nurse specialising in dementia in home care settings and a nurse working in home care settings

  • There were 7 sessions held involving families, and each apprentice had to attend at least 6

  • The apprentices were evaluated after each session and were given debriefing notes They led the last session and had to complete a written paper at the end



  • Certificates
The apprentices were assessed by Annemarie Bolder

  • In addition to the written assignment, one apprentice also wrote a weekly weblog about the RYCT meeting

  • The 3 apprentices were all awarded with a certificate after successfully completing their apprenticeships

  • All 58 participants of the 2-day training course were also given a certificate

Families we worked with:

87 people participated in our project: 40 people with dementia and 47 family carers, including 2 sons, 9 daughters, 1 daughter in law, 18 husbands, 17 wives.


Evaluations from trainees about the training received:

  • “To experience the power of reminisence myself was very useful.

    I never knew that recalling memories was such a nice thing to do”


    “It was very inspiring”
  • “I feel I have more energy.“
  • “I got a lot of tools during the training and knowing that Annemarie will be there to support me, I definitely will start my own RYCT groups”
  • “I learned more about how a person who suffers from dementia experiences some difficulties in participating in daily conversations”
  • “I enjoyed the good atmosphere”


Overview of our project


View a presentation which was given by the Annemarie Bolder at the ERN partners meeting in Poznan in October 2013:

Presentation at the ERN partners meeting in Poznan Click to view
[PDF 1.2Mb]

"The Power of Memories"

The Power of Memories

A detailed handbook by Annemarie Bolder about a series of structured thematic based reminiscence sessions with people affected by dementia and their family and/or paid carers is available through Annemarie via:

The London meeting

The London meeting

View a presentation which was given by the Annemarie Bolder at the ERN partners meeting in London:

View presentation at the ERN partners meeting in London
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[PDF 1.1Mb]

Previous project

The previous reminiscence project by the Netherlands can be viewed on the RTRT area of the site:
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Contact us

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