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Review of RYCTT project: Spain - Alzheimer Catalunya

RYCTT in Spain

The 2-day training course

  • Training
In Spain, the 2-day RYCTT course was run by Alzheimer Catalunya

  • The training was delivered by a social worker, an educator and a neuropsychologist

  • 12 participants attended the 2-day training course from various backgrounds: Psychologists, social educators, social workers, neuropsychologists and nursing home directors

  • There was a high level of experience in leading groups and in working with people with dementia

  • Find out more about the trainers and our course:

    Find out more about our training course
RYCT Training
    [PDF 386k]

    We adapted the recommended course structure by translating all the exercises; we offered more theory about person-centred care and reminiscence and we wrote down all the theory for a report on the training for trainees

Outcomes of the course:

  • Training
After attending the course, some of trainees used the experience to lead a workshop in their work-place

  • One of them realised a 9-session project and set up a continuing group with these participants

Films we created:

The film below shows highlights from our RYCTT project:

The Apprenticeship

  • "It was a motivation for coming out, and coming here! It was nice to stay with all of you each week, and to have your company"
    Person with dementia

    5 apprentices participated in our apprenticeship project, which took place in a care home

  • We ran 9 sessions with families and each apprentice was required to attend 5 sessions 

  • The apprentices had to work in twos to plan and deliver two sessions

  • 9 men and 15 women with dementia were involved in the project, plus 6 men and 18 women carers

Families response to the project:

  • After participating in our project, the family carers started a new group, continuing with reminiscence situations. This group is also open for new families and people with dementia


Assessment of apprentices:

  • "Thank you for the chance to stay with you, to remember and to share your energy"

    The apprentices were observed in every session and were involved with all participants

  • They helped to create the environment in every session

  • They supporting specific families in every session (people with dementia and family carers)

  • They participated in organization and feedback sessions

  • Alzheimer Catalunya4 people from the Alzheimer Catalunya team were present to assess the apprentices. They did not insist on a formal academic style but laid emphasis on clear and concise presentation of their experience and learning on the project. They also encouraged use of photos and other illustrative material in the presentations

The apprentices' involvement in creating and leading sessions was assessed. Plus showing their creativity and group leadership skills; showing they were comfortable and competent working with the people with dementia and the family carers; showing they were able to work with other facilitators and apprentices


  • Certificates
On successful completion of their apprenticeship, the apprentices were awarded a certificate which incorporated ERN and Alzheimer Catalunya format.

  • 4 participants were awarded certificates at the end of the apprenticeship, and the final one is still in progress

Feedback from people involved in the project


  • "Next week, we’ll come with Dani, my grandson"
    Person with dementia

    "Thank you" (person with dementia)

  • "Thank you very much, because we enjoyed it a lot" (family carer)

  • "It was a really familiar place, and we stayed really comfortable" (person with dementia)

  • "I liked everything, everything, everything, everything…" (person with dementia)

  • "I take from you, all your smiles" (apprentice)


The Spanish RYCTT project

Spanish RYCTT project

View our presentation: an overview of the Spanish RYCTT project which was presented at the London ERN symposium:

Spanish RYCTT project
Click to view [PDF 232k]

Dementia Care Mapping

Dementia Care Mapping

Download our presentation which explains our use of Dementia Care Mapping (DMC) in our Reminiscence projects. For further information about DMC download the PDF document:

Dementia Care Mapping presentation
Click to view
[PDF 2.9Mb]

Further information about DMC
Find out more about DMC

[PDF 208k]

End products

End products


Video recordings

Films of the project

Previous RTRT project

Our previous reminiscence project can be viewed on the RTRT area of the site: Click to view

Contact us

Contact us

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